FYI: to run a fullnode, you need a beefy machine

For those who want to run their own node. You need a beefy machine as described here: guides/operator/validator-config

Suggested minimum hardware specifications to run a Sui Full node:

CPU: 24 physical cores (or 48 virtual cores)
Memory: 128 GB
Storage: 4 TB NVME
Network: 1 Gbps

I just tried to reuse a spare machine, but it cant keep up with the blocks/sequences. New blocks/sequences are generated every second, while my 8-core i9-9900K with 128GB RAM, 4TB SSD (no NVMe) can check a blocks/sequences in 3.3s and Iā€™m currently only at epoch 117 and not catching up. The limit is the CPU, as all cores run at full speed, while disk is moderately used (RAM is at 80GB).

I guess its time to upgrade my machine.