FootBullz Sui NFT - Hold to earn utility on Sui Network

Official project name: FootBullz - Sui
Detailed project description: A collection of 9999 NFTs of unique Football Bulls with incredible graphics with the theme of World Cup 2022 get the FootBullz community to enter the Web3 world.
FootBullz is also committed to value-creating for the community and doing active marketing. Launching a “Predict to Earn” website and application with a never-seen-before idea to predict sport matches based on using a deflationary governance token named $BULLZ which will be unveiled and used on all FootBullz-related future apps, is just a short-term vision of FootBullz to decentralize entertaining and value-creating sports ideas on Web3.FootBullz journey will start with unveiling a collection of 9999 unique characters of bulls which are illustrated by FootBullz artists. This collection has the theme of 32 teams took part in the World Cup 2022 and will be minted on two phases, one on SUI Network Testnet Wave2
My feedback: FootBullz collection has a good chance of success. They want to use the promising Hold to Earn technology. Such a concept will be beneficial to NFT owners and the project itself.