Early plans for the SUI token

Which platform the early purchase of SUI was made on。
I found that both claimed to be early platforms for SUI development。
I am very confused, and I hope that everyone can be cautious and avoid being deceived.


There is no sui token yet,sui hasn’t launch yet, people should be careful, everyone will be save if we all follow official sui network platforms for news and updates


For Twitter there are only 2 official SUI accounts, https://twitter.com/SuiNetwork and https://twitter.com/SuiFoundation.

Follow both of them so you can check every incoming notification. If it’s from the two accounts, it means it’s official news, if it’s not from the 2 accounts, it means FAKE News.

For Discord, the official SUI account will never DM you, so that you can turn off DM on the SUI channel in your channel settings


Привет всем :wave:

:wave: :wave:

No sales of sui tokens have been made yet. Even the last phase of the testnet has not started yet!