Contribute to sui

Contribute to Sui

This page describes how to contribute to Sui, and provides additional information about participating in the Sui community.

You can find answers to common questions in our FAQ.

See our roadmap#

Sui is evolving quickly. See our Developer Experience Roadmap for the planned updates over the next 30 days.

Join the community#

To connect with the Sui community, join our Discord.

Open issues#

To report an issue with Sui, create an issue in the GitHub repo. Click Get started to open a template for the type of issue to create.

Updates to docs#

To request an update to a specific topic, click the Source Code link near the bottom of the page to open the source file in the GitHub repo. To submit a request, first choose the Latest build version of the doc site. This opens the main branch of the repo, which may contain a newer version of the topic than the one on Devnet.

Click Edit this file, make your changes, and then click Propose changes to create a pull request that includes your changes in a new branch.

Install Sui to contribute#

To contribute to Sui source code or documentation, you need only a GitHub account. You can commit updates and then submit a PR directly from the Github website, or create a fork of the repo to your local environment and use your favorite tools to make changes. Always submit PRs to the main branch.

Create a fork#

First, create a fork of the Mysten Labs Sui repo in your own account so that you can work with your own copy.

To create a fork using the website

  1. Log in to your Github account.
  2. Browse to the Sui repo on GitHub.
  3. Choose Fork in the top-right, then choose Create new fork.
  4. For Owner, select your username.
  5. For Repository name, we suggest keeping the name sui, but you can use any name.
  6. Optional. To contribute you need only the main branch of the repo. To include all branches, unselect the checkbox for Copy the main branch only.
  7. Click Create fork.

Clone your fork#

Next, clone your fork of the repo to your local workspace.

To clone your fork to your local workspace

  1. Open the GitHub page for your fork of the repo, then click Sync fork.
  2. Click Code, then click HTTPS and copy the web URL displayed.
  3. Open a terminal session and navigate to the folder to use, then run the following command, replacing the URL with the URL you copied from the Git page:

git clone

The repo is automatically cloned into the sui folder in your workspace. Create a branch of your fork with following command (or follow the GitHub topic on branching)

git checkout -b your-branch-name

Use the following command to set the remote upstream repo:

git remote add upstream

You now have a fork of the Sui repo set up in your local workspace. You can make changes to the files in the workspace, add commits, then push your changes to your fork of the repo to then create a Pull Request.