Can't publish package

Hi, I get error when I try to publish my second contract.

BUILDING BobContract
Failed to publish the Move module(s), reason: [warning] Local version of dependency a99fbab1ed9aad696819562b070cecfb1d5b13e077b83bb29004ebe965cdbedb::alice_contract was not found.

This may indicate that the on-chain version(s) of your package's dependencies may behave differently than the source version(s) your package was built against.

alice_contract has been published and this is the same with the source package on the github and local.
you can find it in devnet network: a99fbab1ed9aad696819562b070cecfb1d5b13e077b83bb29004ebe965cdbedb

Sui = { git = "", subdir = "crates/sui-framework/packages/sui-framework", rev = "framework/testnet" }
AliceContract = { git = "", rev = "main" }

help me to solve it please

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