zkLogin questions

YoutTube intro - A Complete Guide to zkLogin: How it Works and How to Integrate | Sui Network by Joyce Wang
sui.io/zklogin - short intro page
demo app

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docs #openid-providers
Are there any providers that are confirmed NOT to support zkLogin?
What about Instagram, TikTok en Twitter?

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How does zkLogin compare to already more established web2 onboarding solutions like

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Is there a repo with the Dapp code (frontend and move) of the SuiKPay demo app?

How does the gift Sui via a uniquely link solution work?

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Can I send a gift/token to a Twitter or Instagram username via a unique link?
That is, I want to be able to send a gift out in the open, in a public post, and only the person with that specific username should be able to claim the gift.

Public marketing
I don’t know the user’s email, phone number, or any other identifier other than its username on the platform.
DMs are not always possible on Twitter.

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Demo Apps:

demo by jovicheng | github

demo by juzybits | github

  1. Is a zkLogin with Instagram possible?
  2. Do I receive any information about the Instagram profile as a developer that I can use to reach out to the user later on to notify the user that new features came out on the Dapp.

instagram uses facebook login so its supported. twitter is not supported bc its not compatible with openid.

the jwt payload itself contains all the information that the user permits you to access (based on your own developer account setting), you can examine an example jwt to see what profile info are there.