What are punks in Sui?πŸ’§

It will be about:
Vibrant Punk Club :love_you_gesture:


**Who or what is it?**:thinking:
First Ever Vibrant Punk Collection Created on [#SUI] blockchain by AviorLabs
A group of ??? make up VPC. The $Sui blockchain is home to vibrant punk NFTs, which are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles.
Secure a Vibrant Punk to gain access to our Punk Club.

The Specs:
Each Vibrant Punk is distinct and computer-generated from over 200 conceivable qualities, including punk type, background, body colour, attire, accessories, and more. All punks are awesome, but some are more uncommon than others.
Punks are hosted on IPFS and saved on the $SUI blockchain.

My feedback:
It’s nice that there is such diversity in the sui ecosystem

All necessary links to the project: :point_down: