Wave 3 will be permanent

It will surely go into mainnet

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Great I can’t wait for wave3 testnet :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Good news. Let’s work in peace


nice guidelines, thanks

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When is wave 3 comming?

Хорошая новость! Скорее бы основная сеть

That’s what they always say.
But to be honest, I wouldn’t count on anything anyway.

Yes rating a VPS i think

I can’t wait :money_mouth_face:When is wave 3 comming?

im waiting for real power of sui network and i think they have a surprise for crytp world :heart_eyes:

awesome! look forward to getting to keep my nfts this time around :fire:

Nice. Let’s do something in this permanent testnet (stake tokens, mint, etc.)

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Its here now. Lets go Suizens

It will surely go into mainnet

oh yeah, I waited this moment) hope mainet soon :grin:

Thinks that`s good opportunity to show yourself. Push the button like guyyz :cupid:

Looking forward to more projects launching wave 3 :blush:

Now you can join wave3 testnet