What happened to my wallet? 0x6e23a50ac79c58596d4289be426b338089c9ee7e I made transactions yesterday, in the morning I see such an error. I reconnected the wallet and I see that another wallet is pulling up for the same seed phrase. Why? 0xcf5b422c7cb0051966e6d0498ae783323a21de562fb4fff87e06bf4734d4a7d5 Where did all my NFTs go, I have been participating in testnets with this wallet for about a year now.


The devnet wipes at least once a month, so if you’ve been participating for a year now you should be used to this. This is why this is a devnet, and not a mainnet. As development takes place, changes that break the previous state of the blockchain need to take place. In this case, the changes that you’re concerned about are below:

  • [Major breaking change] - SuiAddress and ObjectID are now 32 bytes long instead of 20 bytes (in hex, the len increases from 40 to 64). If your software interacts with any ObjectID and SuiAddress, you must update it to use updated addresses and redeploy it. (#8542)
  • [Major breaking change] - SuiAddress is now calculated as the first 32 bytes of the Blake2b hash of flag || pubkey instead of the SHA3_256 hash. (#9262)

but nft was never deleted and now there is nothing. Moreover, now the wallet does not work at all (even after reconnecting)


I’ve always lost my NFT’s, in every single devnet update. Dozens of times over the past year.

Perhaps some specific projects were tracking your wallet address and returning the NFTs to you after wipes, but even that seems like more trouble than its worth for a devnet that constantly wipes its state.

Project owners have been well aware that Sui wallet address will change numerous times and that taking snapshots during the devnet is dangerous and not advised.


same here. i guess its part of sui devnet,nothing permanant


Brother doesn’t know about devnet…


So it does sound like a number of projects were keeping a list of wallets and were “re-airdropping” NFTs back to the corresponding wallet upon devnet wipes. This isn’t really advised as this isn’t the first time Sui has changed the way they derive addresses, but to each their own.

For the projects that were keeping a list of addresses, it is possible to link the old addresses to the new addresses with a bit of work. You can read more about it here:


But why Testnet address change :rage:

Otimo, estava confuso com isso também.

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@Ibrahim bro can you answer it

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But it changed in testnet too buddy :slightly_smiling_face:

yes no worck bro :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

address got change but do not worry mam your interactions on network on chain will be valuable that was the Devnet now running permanent testnet u can do interactions and your transactions will be there open sui wallet in activity sction u can see it anytime stay blessed

Make sure your wallet extension is upto date.