Transfer with multiple recipients, what amount is sent?

Sorry this is a dumb question and am very new to the chain, but would like an answer. If you paste this transaction block address on any sui explorer 2TpGB7crMvBqmaeXrHJoPQ97tQeUj3D9jD4grjhdEAF3 this transfer has 3 recipients, does this mean they all received the same amount or is the amount posted split among the recipients?

Hi @Ashura485,

I had a look at the transaction on suiscan. The best way to see who received what funds, is to look at the “Balance Changes” section. In this case, it mentions that each recipient received 1 MIST.

But also, note that in this case the recipients are all objects, and those objects are dynamic field Field<...> objects, which is almost certainly not what was intended.