The NFT Type created does not match the expectation

Steps to Reproduce Issue

This is my wallet address 0x54fb68ff3d8b9003a55641756b819b4057d52978.
This is my NFT 0xca1eeb6b4498914cdb58f9f7be7de48b642cdc9b.
I created an NFT, but the third digit 0 in Type that should be there is missing.

Expected Result

Type: 0x03571050fdc05bd293110c84e349e3fecb746fcd::user::UserProfile
Contract Address: 0x03571050fdc05bd293110c84e349e3fecb746fcd

Actual Result

Type: 0x3571050fdc05bd293110c84e349e3fecb746fcd::user::UserProfile

I had this problem on the test network on 2023/1/28


I am looking for all custom RPC urls that can be used in sui testnet wallet

Try this two, RPC1:

This is the problem I had at