SUI Token Community Access Program (CAP) Recognition Sale

SUI Token Community Access Program (CAP) Recognition Sale

As you may be aware, the Sui network is getting close to launch. This is a huge milestone. This community has created an incredible environment for this endeavor. Supporting, encouraging and innovating together over the last 18-months has been incredibly rewarding for everyone involved.

As part of the SUI Token Community Access Program (CAP), a Recognition Sale is available to some members of the community. To qualify you must have been an active member of this community before February 1st 2023, will need to register with the dedicated exchanges, and complete their required identity and verification checks.

To confirm you are eligible for this purchase, please verify and register via this portal. Please note that supply for the Recognition Sale will close no later than 6PM PDT on Sunday, 16th April 2023 have the closing date extended to help extend access to the portal (See Post 3 for more info). For those who successfully verify and register via the portal, one of the dedicated exchanges will reach out to you directly after successful registration, with instructions as to how to make your purchase. Please also note the terms and conditions below.

Sui would not be moving towards this significant milestone without your help and we’re excited to continue working together with the Sui community going forward.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only Sui community participants on Discord are eligible. This invitation is not open to general members of the public or community members who joined on or after February 1st 2023.
  • US citizens or residents are ineligible.
  • Sui Foundation will be collecting information to verify community membership only.
  • Eligibility for rewards is subject to applicable laws, “know your customer,” and sanctions compliance requirements.
  • Exchange terms and conditions apply, including know-your-customer and sanctions checks, and any restrictions on providing services to persons located in certain countries. Supply is fixed for the Recognition Sale. As a result, purchase limits apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

I joined this server after February 1st, why aren’t I included?
This offer is designed to recognize long-standing members of the community.

Why is the US excluded?
As much as we would like to, US residents and citizens are ineligible for this offer at this time.

Why do I have to buy tokens?
This offer makes SUI available to Sui supporters in a recognition sale event, providing more access to our community. Sui has consistently stated that there would not be an air drop.

How did you decide who was eligible?
This offer is open to participants on the Sui Discord server from when it was started, up until February 1st. The data has been verified by Foundation members and does not include any known bots or sybils.

What if I don’t pass the exchange verification?
Unfortunately you must pass the exchange verification to take advantage of this offer.

Can I buy more tokens?
You are free to purchase tokens outside this offer if made available via the exchanges.

Which exchanges are part of the Community Access Program?
Only OKX, KuCoin & ByBit are administering the Recognition Sale and General Sale for the CAP at this time.

The Supporters portal is down for me, why?
The site is hitting high demands. Many users are getting through and others keep seeing errors. If you keep seeing errors please clear your cookies and refresh to try again.

I joined Discord before 1st of February, but I am getting an illegible message why?
We are using the Discord API to verify membership. If you left the server for any reason and re-joined it will show your last joining date.

Why am I seeing a date of March 29th 2023? Is this my joining date?
This is not the date being used to verify any individuals. A new app was launched by the Sui Foundation on the server on March 29th 2023.

Do Frenemies winners need to register with the portal?
Frenemies winners have already shared their contact information and do not need to register with the Supporters Portal.

What countries are banned from participation?
Countries that have been identified as sanctioned jurisdictions by the Office of Foreign Asset Control and related regulatory regimes, in addition to countries that the aforementioned exchanges are unable to service or choose not to do business in. Participants from Ukraine and Russia are not able to participate in CAP at this time.


I don’t think this is a good way, if I don’t want to use a centralized exchange, will I not be able to qualify? The original intention of the blockchain is decentralization, which has violated the original intention of the blockchain. Please consider carefully and redesign the community distribution plan


Thank you for your patience as we resolved technical issues with the verification portal. The portal is now steadily accepting submissions and verifying members. Please also note the following:

We are extending the submission deadline
We have removed the originally communicated deadline for submissions to allow the community extended access to the portal. We will give notice of a new deadline in due course.

The form now asks for country of residence
This helps ensure submissions are routed to a supporting exchange. If you have already submitted your form without providing your country of residence, you do not need to re-submit. Applicants who are missing the country of residence on their submission will receive information from the Foundation on how to update their submission.

Please complete the form as accurately and completely as you can
Incomplete or inaccurate data could prevent you from passing exchange verification checks.

You can register with more than one exchange.
If you would like to register with more than one exchange (and the exchanges cover your geography) you are welcome to do so and share the user ID, email, and telephone number you registered with in the form.

Obviously scripted and/or bot submissions will be removed
Please do not use scripts to complete the form. Scripts and bots consume valuable resources and prevent others in the community from accessing the portal.


this was so informative

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great. thanks to the foundation. more work to do and get Sui to the top :partying_face:

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We are now ready to confirm some new information about the Recognition Sale and the verification portal.

The portal will close on April 17, 2023 9:30 PM. (April 17th - 9:30pm PDT)
No new submissions will be accepted beyond this time.

Participants who verified before we added the country field can now update to add country.
If you submitted before we added this field, please update your submission. We will make best efforts to reach out to those who submitted earlier, to ensure this information is input before the portal closes. We will not be able to accept any updates after the portal closes.

Please note that the country question on the form is asking for country of residence.
Exchanges will perform their checks based on where you live. Whilst the portal cannot be accessed by some restricted geographies, if you can successfully access and verify, you are welcome to do so.

If you see a confirmation message, your response has been received
Some people did not see a confirmation message after completing the form. You can visit the portal again to view the confirmation.

Submitted responses cannot be edited
It is not possible to update form information once it has been submitted.

Duplicate entries will be de-duped.
Some people have been able to submit the form more than once, we will be taking the last submission as the correct submission in this case.

A note on geographic restrictions within the Community Access Program (CAP)
We have made our best efforts to give all of our community access to the Recognition Sale within the CAP, however, a number of operational challenges have prevented us and partner exchanges from enabling participation for community members residing in certain geographies at this time.

To address this we are actively evaluating approaches to attend to the needs of community members residing in territories such as Ukraine and other jurisdictions. These territories are not entirely subject to sanctions restrictions, and would otherwise be eligible to participate, but are unable to do so due to operational challenges presented by certain regional sanctions.

More information will be provided on this effort in the coming weeks.


The Supporters verification portal for the Community Access Program has now closed. Thank you all for your submissions. We will be in touch tomorrow to share more information on what happens next.

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