Sui Partners Description

Sui by Mysten Labs revealed more exciting partners building towards the Sui.

Trial Xtreme — Building the first Web3 competitive games decentralized ecosystem. — Making games that connect people. Focus on communication, we aim to change the way we play together forever.

Lucky Kat — A metaverse game studio.

Ethos — Your home base for web3, starting on Sui. Easy to integrate in-dapp wallet and the best way to onboard new crypto curious users.

MintStateLabs — Building tools and services for game developers and comic creators.

Peeranha — Peeranha is a fully decentralized protocol with questions and answers, that helps your community with structured knowledge.

Wormhole — Interoperability protocol powering the seamless transfer of value and information across 17 high value chains with just one integration.

Pyth — Smarter data for smarter contracts.

Sui Name Service (SuiNS) — A service to simplify your web3 identity, website, or wallet.

Talofa Games — Building Run Legends, a fitness battle game where you move to win!

Axelar Network — Secure cross-chain communication | dApp users interact w/ any asset or app on any chain, w/ 1 click.

Rushdown Revolt — New free to play platform fighter with electric, combo-centric, and expressive gameplay! — is a global bare metal cloud platform built for developers.

Shinami — Sui API and node service for developers.

Scale3 — Web3 metrics and observability provider.

Netmarble F&C — established Korean gaming company and developer of Metaverse World.

Cramium — Building scalable NFT distribution services.

Ocean DEX — CLOB and AMM hybrid.

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