[Solved] Please Help Me Understand Why My Topic Was Removed

On two occasions my topic was removed, and my account and IP address were banned. Please help me understand why this happened. I have studied the rules and cannot find any indication of what I did wrong. On both occasions the topic which I posted had the title “Connecting to Wallets without TypeScript or React,” and the text was more-or-less as follows:

Programmers are not required to use TypeScript or React when extending their websites to support Ethereum wallets such as MetaMask. It appears however that the use of both TypeScript and React is mandatory when seeking to connect to Sui Wallet or Suiet. Is there any way to connect to Sui Wallet or Suiet in the absence of TypeScript and React? Alternatively, are there any other reasonably functional wallets for Sui which do not require the adoption of those two elements? Thanks for your understanding.

UPDATE. As it turns out, the removal was not intentional. It was just an accident. I am glad to see this resolved, and look forward to the technical discussions which shall follow.

Reached out to you directly.

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