So I want to use the sui_multiGetTransactionBlocks method found here:

Read API

Returns an ordered list of transaction responses The method will throw an error if the input contains any duplicate or the input size exceeds QUERY_MAX_RESULT_LIMIT

If I’m calling this via NodeJS, where on earth is QUERY_MAX_RESULT_LIMIT defined or set?

This is how I’m making my calls on @mysten/sui.js v0.44.0, using 2 transactions for example. I however want to process many more, 1000+ for example.

const sui = require('@mysten/sui.js/client');
const node = new sui.SuiClient({url: <path>});

    digests: ["JDSUknTYxyqaacNLSEUmFNMcw4XAVTXgkMgWbnHjV5bU", "JCey4SVtWfWxPz4sKfPXiR5swKW5zM2LJ3ho68rQSGeR"],
    options: {
        showBalanceChanges: true,
        showBcs: true,
        showContent: true,
        showDisplay: true,
        showEffects: true,
        showEvents: true,
        showInput: true,
        showObjectChanges: true,
        showOwner: true,
        showPreviousTransaction: true,
        showStorageRebate: true,
        showType: true}
}).catch(async function(e) {

I believe (at the moment) using Sui networks (i.e. devnet, testnet, mainnet) it is 50. However; different RPC nodes may go higher/lower.

I’ve asked for the max_result to be a fetch-able value and I was told it would be in Sui RPC 2.0.

In the meantime you can find the max from brute force (just keep adding tx digests)

Thanks, yeah I’m using my own archive node (2.1 TB). I was able to determine the max array size is 50, yet was wondering if that is customizable within my own node.

I guess I’ll be patient & be on the lookout for Sui RPC 2.0.

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