Issue with get wallet balance with @mysten/sui.js/client

I’m trying to get my wallet balance using sui.js client. However, the balance that i get is not the latest balance. It seems to have some issue with the SuiClient. Is this something wrong with the RPC?
Please help. I’m using exact the code snippet from the example from

does anyone facing the same issue as mine? Appreciate if anyone can help. The balance out of sync is really frustrate me.

not yet. i still experience the issue.

Hi, i can’t find the Live Chat button at bottom corner.

There is no such thing as live support / chat support in Sui. We will either reply here on the forum or on the Sui discord, or on Telegram Suinami Riders.

Regarding your issue, it can happen that one of the nodes has not synced yet and has some older data. Also make sure you’re checking the balance on the right network