Invalid private transfer issue

error[Sui E02009]: invalid private transfer call
┌─ .\sources\multisig2.move:478:9

478 │ sui::transfer::transfer(coin::take(coin::balance_mut(coin), balance, ctx), receiver);
│ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Invalid private transfer. The function ‘sui::transfer::transfer’ is restricted to being called in the object’s module, ‘sui::coin’

how can i solve this issue? thanks

not yet, i don’t know how to solve this issue, do you have any idea ?

where is the live chat?

you need me pay money to ask question?

that’s web needs me to connect my wallet.
why can’t answer here?

The user you were speaking to has been banned for attempting to scam. Please do not engage with this user off-site.

ok, noted with thanks

Could i close this post since i solved by myself

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