Elliott wave theory for technical analysis

According to the Elliott wave theory, the development is cyclical, because the duration and amplitude of previous waves can determine the moment of occurrence of possible waves.

In other words, what was, is what will be, you need to be able to analyze the waves in order to understand when there will be an increase in the near future, and when there will be a fall.


That’s interesting, @macaw I’ve been looking into this issue for a while now Elliott wave principle - Wikipedia. But why did you create this topic? What exactly do you want to discuss?

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This is created to just discuss how these new project potential will be asses because they are new with no previous market history. So it purely depends on technology and community following.

For this kind of new project that is still gestating, the wave theory does not seem to be very useful at present

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Just wanted to have some kind of discussion to know how relevant is this