Does entry function supports generic type in parameter?

public entry fun test<T: drop + store>(
        t: T,
        ctx: &mut TxContext,
    ) {}
sui client call \
    --module test \
    --package $PKD_ID \
    --function test \
    --type-args "u8" \
    --args 1 \
    --gas-budget 100000000 \


Could not serialize argument of type TypeParameter(0) at 0
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@shiqicao entry functions do accept generic type parameters.

I am sensing the issue is probably passing it by using the CLI, because I tried the same function using TS SDK and it worked fine as a workaround.

const tx = new TransactionBlock();

    target: '{pkg_id}::test::test',
    typeArguments: ['u8'],
    arguments: [
        tx.pure('1', 'u8')
... proceed with signing & executing the transaction