Can we have an official sub Community?

With the rapid growth of Sui globally
Africa is one of the continent with massive adoption of crypto ,
I propose the creation of a sub African community

The community will take charge of the following

  1. onboarding of new users(Africans) into the sui ecosystem
  2. onboarding of developers (Africans) into the sui ecosystem
  3. attending Blockchain/developers event in Africa
  4. hosting seminar everywhere in the region

This is just a proposal which is subjected to community ideas and suggestions

Drop your feedback here


Indeed good idea. :+1:
Not only africa but blockchain educational and community efforts are required in all continent.


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As of right now, the intention of this forum is to largely focus on Sui/Move Development, Node Running, and the more technical aspects of the Sui Ecosystem. As is such, we’re not looking to expand into community/sub-community discussion as much as we are looking to facilitate discussion on technical topics surrounding Sui research and development.

I appreciate the desire to build communities, to plan events, and to further Sui into new geographic regions who are excited about this sort of tech. We’ll be providing you with more opportunities in the future to help make this a reality!


It’s realy great idea

Thank you very much for your response, we will be waiting for this if it’s later considered

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Such a wonderful idea, Im from Africa, and I will love to be part of people that will make this idea comes to reality if it’s considered.well I’ve been spreading the word about Sui to a lot of people in Africa, pushing Sui forward :fast_forward:,lot of people are ready to invest/adopt Sui at mainnet launch.

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Thanks alot we are definitely waiting to build sui :white_check_mark:


I don’t know how many things have been created! would that be a good idea?

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Yes it is great idea

yep, That will help a lot.