Builders: Please integrate Stashed in your dApps


We’ve recently upgraded zkSend to Stashed, the easiest way to onboard new users to web3. Now that the upgrade has been completed, we’re encouraging all Sui builders to integrate with Stashed. See below for instructions.

What is Stashed?

Stashed is the new user experience for zkSend. With Stashed, users can quickly and easily make a zklogin account and send or receive assets, even to users who are not yet onchain. We’ve put a lot of work into making sure Stashed is the quickest and easiest way for new users to get started with web3. Now, you can massively simplify onboarding of users into your applications by using Stashed in your dApp. This is a quick and easy process for most Sui SDKs.

How can I get started with Stashed?

If you are using dapp-kit, follow these instructions. You will not need to add any additional dependencies and you can allow Stashed users to connect to your app in just a few lines of code.

If you are using another Javascript framework, follow these instructions to integrate Stashed.