Bread and Stake Capys

Hello to all Sui community! Here i want to shear one great site where you can stake a lot of different tokens and NFT(capy).
All you need is just have some fee in wallet and you can start interact with site.


Thanks for the info! Will check it out


It’s great to hear about Aftermath Finance and their Capy Farm, where users can stake different tokens and NFTs to earn SUI coins. The fact that they offer a variety of assets for staking, including Capys, shows that they are committed to providing a diverse range of opportunities for their users. It’s also great to see that they offer a breeding feature, which allows users to create healthy baby Capys and add them to their collection. This could be a unique and fun way to engage with the platform and earn rewards. Overall, it sounds like Aftermath Finance has a lot to offer for users interested in staking and collecting NFTs, and I’m sure that many people will find their platform appealing.


Sui have great future. Thanks it is important information

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thanks a lot~ sui is good one

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great opportunity fot us