Banned from the discord server

Hello! My name is Jens Gustavsen.
I have been a follower of Sui project since summer last year and been having application up for testnet phase 1 and also played Sui frenemies game. But today when i woke up I see that I have been banned from the Sui discord like I’m a bot.
Can you please check up on this?
Every once in a while i asked friends and family if they could give me faucet in order to catch up on testnet faucet tokens for the game but i did not cheat it. I been active and taken a part in the community almost daily for å long time…
also, why would I get banned for only having 125 points in Frenemies when I need 250+ to get early access?

And not to mention I also have a full node running on sui (non incentive) but i’m here out of genuine interests. Please consider unblocking even tho my name is Blocker.


Best regards, Blocker


hey you were asking where to contact contact here to mystem labs
contact them


Thank you for sharing this email with me, i appreciate it. now im just hoping they got the time to read through it. I am sure they got hundreds of emails from eager users…


i have the same issue. also asked my gf to join but she cant cause its like bugged or she is banned aswell. very strange…

You are not Developer so you can get developer role in Discord.
That is why you got banned.