A short FAQ about the testnet Wave2 && Frenemies game

A short FAQ about the testnet Wave2 && Frenemies game

When testnet Wave2 ends?

02.15 at 4:00 PM PST

When Frenemies game ended?

02.14 at 10:00 AM PST

What is the deadline for submitting the form?

02.15 4:00 PM PST

You can use this time converter: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

I can fill out the form. Does it mean that I’m among 2 000 winner?

No it does not. We are asking everyone to fill up the form. So after removing the bots that are in the winner list we will provide a leaderboard (Frenemies)

I participated in Frenemies but can’t fill out the form.

To submit the form you should have at least 1 point

Will I need to pass KYC?

Only top 2 000 participants will have to pass KYC. We will send KYC details to the winners in due time.

Can I change an email address/name that I have already submitted?

No, you can not. Please be careful and submit the form only one time.

p.s. You can try filling up the form again with proper info but we do not recommend filling it up more than once

Name means full name or just a name?

Please provide a full name in English

When the full leaderboard be available?

Once we ban bots and those who didn’t provide required information.

What is the reward for those 2k winner?

They will get spots for the Sui Community Access Program (SUI Token Community Access Program, SUI Token Community Access Program: FAQ). More details will be shared soon.

When airdrop?

There are no plans for an airdrop at this time.

When testnet Wave3?

You can refer to our graphic roadmap (This is subject to change):

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