Why Sui?

:droplet: What does Sui offer over other blockchains?

Sui offers ease of development, a developer interface, fast transaction speeds, a sane object model, and better security. Sui calls the consensus protocol only for transactions affecting objects owned by multiple accounts. This means simple transactions complete almost immediately.

:droplet: Is Sui based on Diem?

There is no technical relationship between Diem and Sui except that both use the Move programming language.

All five co-founders of Mysten Labs, the initial contributor to Sui, worked on the Diem system and are very familiar with both its good qualities and its limitations. Diem was designed to handle light payments traffic between a small number (10s-100s) of custodial wallets.

The Mysten Labs founders decided against building on Diem because of these limitations. They believe blockchain tech has evolved considerably since Diem came out in 2019, and had many ideas about how to design a system that is more scalable and programmer-friendly from the ground up. That is why they became the initial contributors for Sui.


:droplet: Can I buy the Sui token?

There will be a public token for the Sui Mainnet. But it is not available right now and there is no timeline as of yet.

For developers

:droplet: How do I get started?

  1. Install Sui. (Install Sui to Build | Sui Docs)
  2. Spin up a local node. (
  3. Join the Move and Sui developer channels in Discord.
  4. Start building! (Building Sui | Sui Docs)

:droplet: Are you looking for builders, creators, partners, and investors?

Sui needs partners that can contribute to the ecosystem primarily in development by building apps with the SDK now so they can be ready to launch when the network goes live. If interested, please apply here: Sui Partnerships Form

Developers may also apply for a grant from the Sui Foundation. These grants range from $10k-100k USD or equivalent, depending on the application quality and opportunity. Read the announcement to find out more.


:droplet: Are there things we can already test?

There are a number of examples and demos available for viewing at: Explore Sui | Sui Docs

:droplet: Can I run a Sui validator node?

There is not yet a public Devnet or Testnet that will let others operate Sui nodes, but both are on the roadmap. Right now, you can run a local, non-networked Sui node for development. Check out Sui’s Wallet documentation to get started. You can interact with the local node via either the Wallet CLI or RPC API.