White Swap - automated market making (AMM)

WhiteSwap is an automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) currently on the Ethereum blockchain, forked from Uniswap V2. This technical portal explains some of the design decisions behind the WhiteSwap core contracts. It covers all of the contracts’ features, including arbitrary pairs between ERC20s, a hardened price oracle that allows other contracts to estimate the time-weighted average price over a given interval, “flash swaps” that allow traders to receive assets and use them elsewhere before paying for them later in the transaction, protocol fee that can be turned on in the future, governance protocol, governance token features and allocation.

WhiteSwap aims to change the industry by initially giving the community control over the protocol and modifiable contract code, creating a truly decentralized AMM protocol.

  • Automated market maker with multi-chain and DAO community.
  • Decentralized exchange with tools for avid crypto users. You can buy cryptocurrency without creating an account and passing KYC.

White Swap planing integrate to Sui ecosystem.

Also have a WhiteSwap governance token (WSE)

WSE are locked on smart contracts to be put into circulation over time. WhiteSwap allocates the largest proportion of governance tokens to community members, which is 870,000,000 WSE (87% of the initial four-year allocation). WSE holders get the ownership of WhiteSwap governance, WSE community treasury, the protocol fee switch, and WhiteSwap Default Tokens List. Community members play a key role in governance and often make proposals aimed at the project’s development, the majority of which get approved.

Final thoughts

DeFi governance is still at an early stage; however, the existing models have already proved that effective governance does not have to be achieved at the cost of decentralization. The rising popularity of governance tokens demonstrates that the principles underlying the current governance model are likely to significantly influence blockchain as a whole.