What to do, where to poke around in the Sui ecosystem?

Only the laziest person has not heard of the project, so I will not tell you who the SUIs are.

Now the testnet phase is over, so we are waiting for the new phase, where we will have a new opportunity to test the platform. In this testnet phase we had time to send our SUI tokens to Staking, play Frenemies Staking Game and mint a couple of test NFTs.

What can we do again when the new phase of the testnet starts:

Going through the activities:

  1. Install the wallet from Ethoswallet. Then go to the website, connect the wallet and go through the activities.
  2. Cetus - DEX on Sui and Aptos.
    Go to cetusprotocol.crew3.xyz, connect the wallet and do all possible tasks.
  3. Mint your domain from Suins - domain name service
  4. Discord activity:
    In the #content branch, create creative content.
    In the #video-content branch, create and submit videos related to the project.
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