Welcome to the APass!

Greetings! I would like to introduce you to the APass project!

APass is a membership-based experience hub that brings together DIDs, quests, a level-up system, a marketplace, and GameFi.The founders are trying to use traditional economic logic to create a self-balancing APS token from mining to consumption.
APass operates and develops its ecosystem in two chains, Aptos and Sui.
Official resources for more information about the project
https://twitter.com/aptospassport [Twitter]
Telegram: Contact @apass_official [Telegram]
APass [Discord]
AptosPassport (APass) · GitHub [Github]

$APC Token

$APC Manifesto

$APC is an important ecos cycle token of APass. $APC has abandoned the halving/equal sharing model (artificially creating vicious deflation), and abandoned the fast-running Ponzi model (artificially creating hyperinflation), but around value creation and the market’s invisible large-hand liquidity demand, in the entire blockchain Ecology is the first natural currency that is adaptive, self-balancing, and closest to the traditional currency logic designed in line with Adam Smith’s classical monetary theory.

Mining $APC requires the purchase of a domain name, and each mining will also consume GAS fees, which is costly. Therefore, when the supply of $APC exceeds the demand of $APC, the value of $APC will decrease, suppressing the desire to produce more $APC. At the same time, the low price will lead to a corresponding increase in the amount of $APC that enters the black hole for destruction after application. The market will automatically balance the amount of $APC. vice versa.

Now, whether it is POS or POW mode, the final result must be the Matthew effect, and the strong will always be strong. Mining rights will eventually be controlled by a very small number of capital holders, while ordinary users will become targets of harvest. Whether it’s complicated formulas or flashy but unrealistic PPTs, it can’t change this essence. This does not fit the vision of decentralization. We try to change this unfair phenomenon on $APC, everyone can participate in mining, pay labor, and get benefits. The mining method is fair to everyone, your income will not decrease as the scale of the capitalist increases, and you will always own your mining share without looking at anyone’s face.

We believe that the market is controlled by an invisible hand. The acquisition of currency is not the purpose. Currency is only a medium tool for value exchange. The real purpose is the means of liquidity provided by the goods and services that currency can exchange for. Our goal is to continuously make $APC tokens have more practical application value.


Unlimited supply
No pre-mining, the official and the capital do not hold coins
The mining mode is inherently resistant to the Matthew effect of capital, and everyone can mine and hold
The foundation continues to purchase $APC and burn it to maintain the balance of liquidity

Mining & Obtain

Hold an APass domain name to participate in mining, and at the same time apply for a sub-domain name to increase mining revenue (20% feedback). A fixed output of $APC can be harvested every day according to the quantity and quality of your domain names.
Do quest in the Apterand receive a one-time fixed amount of $APC.
When interacting with APass mining, choose to upload data to AOracle to get additional $APC rewards.
Use other currencies to swap to $APC on DEX.

Pay the APass domain level upgrade $APC fee.
Pay and purchase items in the APortal GameFi.
Pay the rental and commission fees of the UniBazaar trading platform.
Pay $APC to publish Apter advertising quests.
More empower is coming.

Destruction Mechanism
100% of APortal game revenue is purchased and burned in $APC.
50% of the AOracle service $APT fee is used to purchase $APC and burn.