Web3alert - get alerts in messengers for Sui on-chain events (Telegram, Discord, Slack)

Hello-hello, Sui community!
We make a free notification service called Web3alert and are happy to integrate with Sui.
Web3alert tracks on-chain events in Sui and other blockchains and allows users to receive alerts about these events in messengers - Telegram, Discord and Slack.

Here’s a quick intro:

Try in out at https://web3alert.io/ with Sui Devnet (testnet is down, waiting for wave 3)

Workflow is simple:

  1. Login via telegram (other login option are coming)
  2. Go to Sui devnet
  3. Click add subscription, then advanced mode.
  4. Find a module and an event or call you want to track. At the moment we have core Sui protocol events, modules for NFTs, staking and transfers plus some validator events. Ability to add any package (smartcontract) and track events from there is coming.
  5. Next - you can add optional filters for wallets and other on-chain parameters
  6. Choose messengers and done. That’s it. You will receive a notification when the event happens on-chain.

Feel free to reach out to us with suggestions, requests and questions:
Telegram chat Telegram: Contact @Web3alertChat
Twitter https://twitter.com/web3alert

Or ping me in the Sui Discord