Web3 wallet based on Sui OpenSui

OpenSui is a portal to the crypto world. Safely and conveniently store, buy, send, receive, exchange tokens and collect NFT.An OpenSui wallet for everyone. With it, the user gets
Safe storage of crypto currencies
SUI mainnet supports user to explore NFT, DeFi, DAO…
Web3 DApps Marketplace, discover over 10,000 Web3 Dapps.

DApp Marketplace
The DApp Store that you can navigate with ease in one minute. It makes everything easy for users to search for and use all decentralized applications in a seamless, simple and secured manner.
Support SUI dynamic on-chain assets exchange from gaming to finance.

Sui GameFi Platform and NFT Exchange trading Function
A platform that allows users to play different casual games and trade game NFTs under one roof.

OpenSui is at the start of its journey. In the future, it can become one of the best wallets in the sui ecosystem.
Official Website:https://www.opensuiwallet.com/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpenSui
Official Discord: OpenSui


Hey thanks i never heard of this wallet before …i heard it today but its a third part wallet to usee :slightly_smiling_face:
But yeah its appearance is good and feels easy to use

Yes, friend. I think that for mass use, first of all, simplicity, speed, and most importantly security are needed. I think that OpenSui will embody all this and even more.

Sui is the best wallet :grin:

At the moment, I agree with you. But healthy competition between the strong allows projects to constantly get better.

I agree with your perspective on this issue and believe that your proposed solution is the most effective approach. Your expertise and experience in this area are evident

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Sui - an interesting and varied wallet

great that the graph is added

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Yes, I like it too. When you can track the real-time price chart in your wallet, it’s convenient. I would like to see the monitoring of the prices of nft collections.