Turbos Finance: The First Perpetual Powerhouse and DEX (AMM+CLOB) Aggregator on Sui

Official project name: Turbos Finance

Project description:
Turbos is the first decentralized perpetual contract and zero-slippage exchange building on Sui, providing users with a safe and efficient trading platform with low fees and helping improve the asset liquidity in the Sui ecosystem.
Turbos provides users with zero slippage perpetual contract transactions and spot trading services. Trading is supported by a unified multi-asset liquidity pool TLP. A decentralized perpetual exchange powered by Sui (Turbos) is featured with faster trading efficiency, lower fee and lower liquidation risk. As a community-driven project, 90% of Turbos’ income will be allocated to token holders and TLP liquidity providers.

Team Members Preudonyms on Github: bitsmann and blockJser

Github: turbos-finance · GitHub
Website: https://www.turbos.finance/
discord: https://discord.gg/UvWsx9vPGQ
twitter: https://twitter.com/Turbos_finance


Turbo Finance brings along a very great value proposition to the Sui network with its decentralized perpetual exchange. Offering better efficiency and lower fees. I believe it is a project that pushes the decentralization narrative of the SUI network in the industry


I like the sound of this!

Wow! @Selekman With help of this forum I can find out that such interestion projects are already working smoothly. Will try it in next testnet wave :ocean:

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