Trustlend Aggregate Decentralized Finance Protocol Build On Sui Network

Introducing Trustlend Aggregate Decentralized Finance Protocol

Project Description

  • Trustlend is a decentralized aggregate decentralized finance protocol. The protocol aggregates different platforms, allows users to lend and borrow assets across multiple platforms and Genesis vaults on Trustlend to maximize the profit from their Sui Chain Network assets. In each asset, Trustlend offers multiple lending vaults for users to choose from. Vaults have different risks and rewards. Users can choose to lend their assets to any vault based on their preferences and money-making strategies.

Core Value

  • The core value of trustlend is to be an essential lending platform that supports the fundamental infrastructure of sui chain network by helping sui users utilize their assets at their best

Core Team Overview

Trustlend team is a veteran team with over 3 years of experience working and developing DeFi protocols. Trustlend team has built Part of the defi revolution are also ecosystem directors on the solana network , one of the first decentralized protocols that were built on solana and got a lot of support from solana hackathon (ventures). Later on, the team has built lend&borrowing protocol build on sui network (Trustlend) hoping to provide a combination of Defi+Web3 and build a more resource-rich sui ecosystem

Team Structure:

  • Trustlend team consists of 1 Business director, 2 Solidity developers, 2 front-end developers, 1 testers, and 2 marketing executives. Jhony Bedvedev has over 7 years of experience developing software, 4 years of researching and developing on the crypto world.

Project Overview
Project Name : Trustlend
Project Sectors : Decentralized Finance
Platform : Lending & Borrowing Platform

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Discord Contact : Trustlendev#1602
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Telegram Contact : Telegram: Contact @jhonytrustlend