Trial Xtreme - Building the first Web3 competitive games decentralized ecosystem

What is Trial Xtreme?
Trial Xtreme is a high pace mobile bike racing game series with over 250M downloads, the games focused on competitive play where you need to beat your opponent in a 1 on 1 race or multiplayer tournaments, the brand new game “Trial Xtreme Freedom” is currently in development

How big is the team behind Trial Xtreme?
The team behind Trial Xtreme consist of 30+ professionals with over 15 years of experience working together striving to bring you the best Trials racing experience possible.

Will the next Trial Xtreme be FREE-TO-PLAY?
Yes! you will be able to play the game completely for free, its your choice if you would like to buy any of the in-game utilities.

Are you hiring new team members?
*YES, we are always looking for bright minds and amazing people to join the team, you can head over to our site and apply to one of our currently open positions

When will Trial Xtreme scheduled to be released?
There’s no set date yet,you can stay tuned here and on our official twitter to be the first to know

Who should i contact for collabs or if i have a question about the game?
For questions about the game, you can DM @TrialXtreme directly or open a ticket in the #help channel, for collab offers

Can I sign up for Alpha/Beta testing?
Active community members will be among the first to be eligible for Alpha/Beta testing when its due.

Is there some sort of whitelist or specific discord role I can get?
There’s no whitelist right now, nor is there a specific role. However, we are aware of those supporting us since the early days, and will make it worth your while

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