The ultimate DEX on SUI blockchain

Bay Swap


Project Benefits:

  • Approximately zero fee
    With rich experience in smart contract development, Bay Swap focuses on cost optimization while ensuring correctness.
    Bay Swap provides a near-zero-cost solution for everyone.
  • Against high slippage
    Bay Swap provide two liquidity curves:
    Constant Product Formula (x * y = k)
    Stablecoin curve (xy3 + yx3 = k)
    The Stablecoin curve is a cutting-edge solution to avoid high slippage when swapping two stablecoins (like USDT, BUSD)
  • Fast, secure and friendly UX/UI
    Bay Swap is a decentralized exchange based onSUI blockchainwhich is designed for high transaction throughput.
    Bay Swap is written in Move is a smart contract language built on top of Rust language, which ensures security for Dapp on SUI

Opinion about the project:

In the work, this project shows itself from the best side, it really works quickly and well


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