The easiest way stake NFT to get rewards without selling your collectibles

introducing stakednft , Before we begin introducing staked nft, we would like to inform you that we have obtained permission for the explanation, distributions materials or making tutorials & review related contacts and links that are publicly available, Thanks to larshy staked nft DEV.

STAKED NFT The easiest way stake NFT to get rewards without selling your collectibles! What is STAKED NFT?

STAKED NFT is a liquidity collectibility staking protocol for NFT build on sui network. Users can stake NFT into STAKEDNFT.XYZ and receive sNFT. sNFT can be used to participate in other DeFi products to obtain higher returns or unstake back to NFT at any ttime, every NFT can be exchanged with sNFT that has been pegged by STAKEDNFT , similarly if you have a CAPY NFT and you stake on STAKEDNFT.XYZ you will receive 50,000sNFT, The 50,000 sNFT that you get as a key to unlock your NFT on STAKEDNFT.XYZ , sNFT will be valuable the same as the floor price on the marketplace, liquidity will balance and will never be depegged even though the price returned depends on the market price, .Because when the floor price CAPY NFT is 100 SUI and 50,000 sNFT is 99SUI, you would prefer to buy 50,000 sNFT and then exchange it for CAPY NFT, that means you can buy CAPY NFT with bellow floor price with sNFT, and vice versa!

Staked NFT Mission

STAKED NFT is the first liquidity-collectibility-staking protocol on sui network, dedicated to providing users with a simple and easy-to-use NFT + DeFi product with stable returns.​ ​
As an underlying asset protocol on NFT, STAKED NFT would like to help users experience the composability of NFT + DeFi protocols in one click. Apart from the juicy yields that STAKED NFT can offer, it is also expected to become the next highly-recognized asset on NFT to build the whole ecosystem on-chain and promote the flow of asset value.​ ​
The smart contract of STAKED NFT Will audited. It will keep decentralized and distribute returns to NFT holders over time.

When users staked NFT with sNFT, they can receive a certain percentage of sNFT representing the stake, and the balance of sNFT can earn income and lending rewards in DeFi like (we also have planing to reach out to more ecosystem defi in sui network to list sNFT) sNFT has no minimum deposit limit .

Staking Requirement

  • Any NFT holder (available on can participate in the staking and get sNFT staking Rewards.
  • No minimum amount (sNFT) is required (1NFT required). ​
  • The amount of sNFT is higher than 0. No need to be an integer.
  • You can stake and unstake NFT at any time.​

Glad to be able to share with you, I am very excited to support STAKEDNFT as a native sui application that should be developed and be in the future Sui ecosystem! .if you have some questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments, I’m happy to answer all the questions I know about STAKEDNFT.XYZ


  • Larshy “CEO & FOUNDER”
  • Daniel Gustav “ENGINERS DEV”
  • Fédor Orlov “ENGINERS FRONT”
  • Grisha Ivanov “COMMUNITY LEAD”


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