Thank you Sui Delegators!

Fun fact about Everstake pool - we are one of the most popular validators in general, and particularly on Sui, with 381 delegators and counting. I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone for choosing Everstake!

How do we maintain our position? Firstly, we’re a responsible validator. Created by engineers in 2018 for the entire community, we employ top-notch technology and professionals to ensure our nodes have 99.9% uptime. We have a strong customer base that stakes with us across multiple chains.

Support is a crucial aspect of our service. We have dedicated Blockchain Managers for every chain to monitor the latest updates and inform the community accordingly. Your success is our priority.

Lastly, we place a high value on community. We are always in touch with the Sui community, communicating through all available social media. We aim to highlight the benefits of staking and form strong partnerships. Thanks again for being a part of our journey!

Start staking with Everstake to support the Sui ecosystem and your favorite validator. You can earn passive income of 6-7%, and have the opportunity to participate in the governance in the future. Join us on this journey. Everstake