Talofa Games - A fitness battle game where you move to win

A fitness battle game where you move to win.

Real-Time Battles
Walk or run to engage in real-time battles that improve your health

Battle, Move, Win!
Your movement controls your character: Unleash skills in battle by moving faster and slower.

Upgrade and Earn Rewards
Equip and upgrade a variety of Gear to take down Sappers and earn rewards through Quests.

Open-Beta Official Website: https://www.talofagames.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/talofagames
Litepaper: Run Legends - Run Legends Litepaper
Apply to be a creator/partner: https://forms.gle/aZXfcbc2KjjUQx4R7


Now the game is being tested, but I already fell in love with it, it is very dynamic and exciting :heart_eyes: