your gateway web3 socials build on sui networm

introducing suitter your gateway web3 socials build on sui network. suitter is a decentralized social media build for Web3 on sui network

:memo: What is suitter?

with an end-to-end on-chain credibility system, suitter is build the socials web3 platform on the sui network to build a decentralized professional social media for web3 working professionals. Suitter connects people, companies, and projects together. suitter is like twitter but for web3 and it offers many exciting features, like quizzes that reward NFTs for completion. suitter is made as interesting and different , there you will be able to create wallets, mint nft, and deploy contracts as well as socialize with others, besides that you can also connect twitter or your discord account to connect with others. It will look very interesting

:pushpin: How can you get started? let’s start explore suitter with 3 easy step!

  • first you need to connect wallet , suitter using ethos wallet connections which allows you to connect with many options of trusted sui wallets, such as the official sui wallet, suiet wallet, martian wallet and a few more.
  • After that you will be directed to the preferences section to complete your profile, here you can connect your Discord or twitter account to more easily organize your profile and connect to all your friends.
  • Congrats! you have already on first journey and you can already do the activity you want to do. before you do, you can explore other interesting features like mint NFT, when you already mint NFT you will be able to share it directly to your first post

what do you think is this more interesting? Write your feedback and stories about suitter in the comments bellow, glad to hear and appreciate your opinion. If you like suitter you can like this post.

:busts_in_silhouette: About Suitter’s Official Team

SUITTER was founded last year by Zakinov Motarelis with other core teams, borbala Vasilieva As a developer engineer and Yuliana Sergeeva as product development. you can contact privately via discord or just give your feedback, they are very happy to hear anything about your feedback & questions about suitter. you can add discord username suitter#3337

:globe_with_meridians: Some Useful Suitter Links