• SUISwap potential

I have been monitoring about 30 SUI network projects for more than 3 months !
And I really saw great creativity and many effective ideas among SUI network projects !
But one project caught my attention more than the rest, and that is the SUISwap project, which, in my opinion, has one of the best site designs among the projects in its category.
Beautiful and minimal graphic design of the site and easy access to the site’s facilities are really great.
And in my opinion, if even a chart section and trading platform is added to it, it can become a dangerous competitor for other DEXs in the future.
In fact I think it will be one of the biggest blockchains in the world. If he works more on the decentralization of his policies !!

Thanks :dove:


I have used this site many times.

Good project


I personally liked wonderful dex the most among similar ones. Very cool design, everything is simple and clear. I liked testing everything works quickly and without problems


• Official project name : SUISWAP

• Team names / pseudonyms : Discord Galen#3398 Dante`#9238

• Link to project website / page : https://suiswap.app

• Link to project GitHub profile : Vivid Network · GitHub

• Telegram or Discord contact : Telegram: Contact @vividnetwork


yeah i agree its really fantastic


Best project and good swap


Yes you exactly mentioned the strength of the this DEX !
Super minimal design, simple and at the same time very useful …


I’ve used this project and can to say that it was easy, comfortable and all understandable. It’s a huge project on Sui


Yes I completely agree with your opinion
But I think you meant Sui network blockchain not suiswap right ?

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I agree I have work with this project many times and every time i enjoy it. :heart:

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Great project, the percentage of swap sometimes doesn’t work, it must be improve

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I also liked the community access program of this project :heart_eyes:

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Exactly, I was pursuing this platform and very admirable. But I also wrote about the BELAUCH platform.

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Best user interface design and great swap section

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According to the definitions given by the users it seems like a serious project :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I also like the graphic space of this project :dizzy:

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Exactly the same I felt the difference from the first time I worked with it

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But with all this, this project can be better

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You mean sui blockchain ? :rofl:


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I did not find any problems or errors during use

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