SuiSwap first and largest decentralised exchange in sui ecosystem

• Suiswap
• Unified Trade Infrastructure for SUI where you can exchange, swap, provide liquidity for mining pools and much more

• Web:
• Twitter:
• Discord: Suiswap
• GitHub: Vivid Network · GitHub

Some of the Suiswap pros:

  • it is handy tool to swap sui tokens;
  • has large twitter and discord community
  • big ammount of liquidty pools

Nice one, but SuiSwap needs to be worked on, it always gives transaction error, it buggy


one of the most important dapps


Currently the best dex on sui for me, although it still has a lot of bugs to be worked on. I believe the team behind this wonderful project will work towards its perfection before Sui mainnet launches


in DEX suiswp is number one becuse
+Easy to use, accessible to all users , easy earning
+Their colors are light, friendly with Sui


You have a very cool team


I was active on this site. Nice bright comfortable. Passed the test .

An interesting interface, but perhaps it would be more convenient when choosing coins not to open a new window, but to expand the list immediately on the tab, expanding it a little.

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Great project been created to see the future of Sui.

Very clear interface. Convenient to use. Bugs in the work did not notice.


I like first of all Suiswap because is a fast, secure, unified swapping and trading platform in the SUI blockchain.

good project, I hope there will be a lot of liquidity

Without a doubt very unique. Beautiful interface and easy to navigate. Definitely one for the future😉

It’s quite smooth suiswap i think they can improve more

all the best to the project, should be key project in expanding and maintaining ecosystem alive!

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I never cease to admire the team that you do not stop :fist_right:

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Yeah one off important DAPP

very important dapps!

Suiswap, also my favorite project. I so enjoy when use it.

An interesting and very important project! I wish him development