SuiPad - Launchpad on Sui

SuiPad is the first IDO & INO platform built on Sui

Official project name: SuiPad Launchpad

Detailed project description:

SuiPad is IDO & INO platform built on Sui
SuiPad will introduce decentralized fundraising, $SUIP token staking and governance voting to the Sui ecosystem.

SuiPad platform will be an all-in-one solution for SuiPad, with integrated wallet, DEX and transaction management. All major Sui wallets will be supported. The platform will extend any connected wallet with inline wallet management. The user does not have to leave the platform to see token balances, send or receive tokens or manage token accounts. Experienced users can still manage their wallet through their wallet provider, and any changes will directly be reflected on the platform.

Initial Sui Offering:

SuiPad Shield:
SuiPad Shield allows the ambitious and carefully selected projects to utilize such feature within their launch strategy, while also protecting SuiPad Investors from any tokens dump


*Q4 2022
Base platform launch: new website, tradable DEX UI
Community Building
Mass Marketing

*Q1 2023
SuiPad on Mainnet
Multiple wallet integration
Staking pool and SuiPad Shield
1st batch of IDO (10 projects)
Continuous marketing push

*Q2 2023
Production of SuiTank first season (8 Episodes)
SuiPad Founders Pass NFT Collection Mint
2nd batch of IDO (20 Projects)
Fund raising (Equity round)

*Q3 2023
SuiTank first season on air
NFT Launchpad mainnet
INO first batch
3rd batch of IDO (30 projects)
1st Cohort of SuiPad Incubation Program

*Q4 2023
2nd Cohort of SuiPad Incubation
4th batch of IDO (30 projects)
INO second batch
Production of SuiTank (second season)


Token information:

Type: Sui Token on Sui Network
Ticker: SUIP
Total supply: 100,000,000 SUIP (fixed)
Token contract: TBA
Initial circulating supply: 10,100,000 SUIP
Initial market cap: $606,000 USD
Private sale price: $0.02 - $0.03 USD
Public sale price: $0.05 USD

Token distribution:

Both our seed and private sale rounds are distributed over many different participants. By distributing our seed, private and public sales we are trying to create the most fair token distribution on launch possible with no single entity holding large quantities of the supply.

Team names:

MoonStark - Launchpad Manager at SuiPad
Swisszy - VC at SuiPad Ventures
Darren Loo - Partner at SuiPad Ventures

Links the project:

:computer: Website -

:bird: Twitter -

:camera: Instagram -

:open_book: Docs -

:left_speech_bubble: Discord -

Contact Discord: Joe | SuiPad#7777

Contact Email:


Would love to also state the fact that SuiPad has been constantly working to grow their project as evidenced by the numerous number of partnerships that they have kept delivering week in week out. Some of these include the renowned VC Moonrock Capital which was behind Polkastarter (highly successful launchpad), and Ethos Wallet (building the wallet with one of the coolest UI on Sui), to name but a few. In conclusion, SuiPad deserves recognition and attention for what they are building.


Launch pad on SUI is what i want to see :grin:


Are you from BlueZilla?


hey mate! like ur project, is there a way to get whitelisted?


дуже класний проект. надіюсь він буде розвиватись


Very bullish feeling about this project


Hello dear,

It’s not my project, but yes, you can get whitelisted for completing some tasks in Discord or Crew3

:medal_sports: SuiPad Roles :medal_sports:

Suip Commander Role - Crew3 lvl 10

  • Private Sale
  • IDO whitelisted

Suip Corporal Role - Crew3 lvl 7

  • IDO whitelisted

It will be a very good project in sui network :ok_hand:

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Excited too lots of investors, the team is working too

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love it! thanks! Appreciate ur answer


really cool idea!Lunchpad will attract many innovative projects to the ecosystem


add a clickable link to the site


Thank you very much for this project)


It has already begun :rocket:

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good project sui😉
tnx for all


I couldn’t do that

however you can copy the website link to your browser :v:

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Your welcome dear

For more information visit

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Your welcome dear :v: for more information about project visit

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The flagship project in this system is worth paying attention to. In the future, he will show his full potential