SuiMO NFT Project

  • Official project name: SuiMO

  • Detailed project description: The SuiMO collection has its origins in Japan’s amazing kind of martial arts, namely Sumo. In our collection you can meet representatives of various cultures and lifestyles, athletes. All the characters are carefully thought out by artists and reveal all the diversity of different cultures. NFTs will have their own unique utility. All holders will have access to unique products by SuiMO. Also, SuiMO NFTs will be upgradeable, which allows holders to achieve absolute uniqueness NFT and will give the opportunity to express yourself and change according to your preferences.

  • Roadmap:
    Pre Mint:
    *Build an engaged and motivated Twitter community
    *Launch our website, Discord, etc.
    *Announce and launch SuiMo game
    *Interaction with other collections and collaborations with projects in different directions (DEX, NFT marketplace, Wallets etc.)
    Having communityAMA
    *launch our test mint on test net
    *Mint on mainnet after Sui mainnet launch
    After Mint:
    *Implementing the concept of updatable NFTs
    *Launching market token
    *Launch of the second secret product

  • My feedback: The SuiMO project looks very attractive. The team plans to develop in the GemeFi segment in the future and issue its own token, which will be rewarded to holders of NFT’s. If the team follows the roadmap, then this collection can be a success.

  • Link to project:
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Funny art and a good project idea! I like :grinning:

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