Suiet Wallet Discussions

Hi, all developers! This is JoyG from

Suiet wallet is the first third-party Sui wallet released on Sui and now has attracted 300k+ users and 100k+ Twitter followers. As a part of the Sui ecosystem, we aim to build a wallet for everyone and onboard the next billion Web3 users.
We are very excited to see so many talented developers to build the sui ecosystem together.
So we prepare you an all-in-one development kit for your to quick start on Sui building, which can help you connect and manage all wallets on Sui at once.
Try our kit : and play with our demo.

If you have any questions or wanna collaboration, feel free to contact me through twitter or email me at

Hope to hear from you soon!!


Is this the official Sui’s wallet? :thinking:


can i join the dev team building in github


i think officially once is Sui Wallet

how to get the sui wallet


now , the sui wallet is useful and no mistake

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why sui wallet always no nft

You can download it here Sui Wallet - Chrome Web Store