Suiet – a Friendly Wallet on Sui

Official project name
Suiet – a Friendly Wallet on Sui

Detailed project description
One of the friendliest wallets existing on Sui.

Link to project website / page

Telegram or Discord contact
Discord: Suiet
Github: Suiet · GitHub


Very nice wallet, I hope it will show itself in the mainnet

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In suiet wallet, even if someone forget to save the 12 word phrase, we can just fetch that from wallet if already by just entering the wallet password. But right now, we cant see this feature in sui wallet

Suiet nice wallet !!!

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Yea, nice wallet but I prefer Sui and ethos wallets :innocent:

I liked very comfortable :star_struck:


There are never many good wallets

Very nice wallet!! super!

It’s working well on approving transactions: easy, fast, and safely. I would definitely recommend it

Loved Suiet Wallet fast interface and the support of multi DApps

i don’t understand what’s the difference between Suiet and Sui wallet. Why Suiet exists while we have a good official Sui wallet?

easy to use with a clear interface. Great performance

convenient and fast wallet with nft displays.

Very high quality product that is easy to use