| The Poaps for Sui Network 💧

hey guys,

I hope u created some of them at testnet, they are very important to the web3 id

would love to see a Tester Testnet Suia Edition :droplet: :grinning: is a social dApp built on Sui, where you can explore a wide variety of scenarios:

  • Participate in events organized by the community
  • Collect artwork, souvenirs, photography created by creators
  • Claim proof of contribution NFT created by the brand
  • Interact with PFPs in a combinable way
  • Live and show off in the Suispace
  • Social, just like you do in TikTok

Why Suia
Permissionless: Everyone can create events permissionless.
Ownership: Thanks to Move’s resource-oriented programming model, users truly own their Suia assets.
Composability: Sui’s unique architecture allows different Suia to be combined to create more ways to play.
High Performance: Sui’s high performance and low latency allow for large-scale user participation.


The best Web3 project in the ecosystem. I wish the team success!

A truly decentralized platform where anyone can create an event without permission. I like it

Cool social Web3 application. In trend!

First POAP project on Sui! Success guaranteed!

Social Web3 Platform + Sui = Better Connection