Sui token distribution

The above pie chart contains an approximate description of the SUI token allocation at Mainnet launch. Note, however, that the SUI token allocation is a living being and one that will change radically over time as the network ripens into decentralization.

Importantly, the Sui Foundation will make the rewarding and distribution of SUI tokens to Sui’s early community members a topmost priority. For Sui friends who are already spreading knowledge about Sui, onboarding developers onto Sui, and testing and helping refine the product experience of Sui’s current applications, know that the Sui Foundation is here for you. The Foundation will make sure you are part of Sui’s token allocation once Mainnet is launched.

As for many, 2022 has been a year of both successes and hardships. We began the year launching the tokenomics whitepaper and have aimed to close the year at a high mark with the announcement of the Sui Foundation, Developer Grant Program, SUI Delegation Program, the Community Access Program, and the initial token allocation. There is much more to come and we are humbled and grateful to have you in the community. We are confident that 2023 will be the year of Sui, let’s do this!


nice allocation and proper distribution by sui


no airdrops but coinlist to buy?


It may be on the official sui website you will able to buy when launch


Hope something good is in making for community :pray:

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i think 6% is for Airdrop :slight_smile:

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