Sui Nerd Club - Nerd Shop+Play to Earn

  • Official project name: Sui Nerd Club

  • Detailed project description: Sui Nerd Club this is an NFT collection of nerds. After the launch of the main collection, the project team plans to create their own NFT Nerd Shop. And then enter the Play to Earn segment.

  • My feedback:
    This collection of nerds looks very attractive. They are not like the usual NFT collections we are used to. If the team implements everything as planned, then the project may have a chance of success.

  • Link to project:
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hi! i love this forum wanna research it !

The narrative is dope and catchy for web3 enthusiasts

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Ok, can u recommend for me some good topics?

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This project looks very promising

You need to look for projects that contribute to the development of the Sui ecosystem and that no one has written about yet. You can search for early NFT collections