Sui GOAT of 2023

After the surprising distribution of money from the Aptos project, many have recognized (or taken note of) a new equally interesting project Sui. Everyone rushed to do all possible things in the ecosystem Sui in the hope of a drop from the project (the team itself “directly” writes that the drop will not).

What can you do besides play 2048 and Wizardland’s NFT mint?

Sui Ambassador Progam. An ambassador program, which will be very difficult to get into, but, nevertheless, you need to try. I would emphasize making videos and tracks on Sui tech and any other educational content.

Sui Testnet. Testing the platform. We have the opportunity to test Sui Wallet, trying out all the features that are there. But, while the testnet phase is over, so we are waiting for a new one.

dApps. The dApps in the ecosystem is the best way for everyone to win. Blockchain needs a normal ecosystem, so there will be grants, support, PR, etc.

I think it’s a cool move to be active in projects with a grant, with support from the Suit team.

Sui Name Service- domains backed by Mysten Labs on pre-sid. Now you can beat roles in Crew3 or via contest. On the website we create domains and track leaderboard.

Ethos Wallet - wallet and top API. From activities: Checkers, Chess, Mint NFT, 2048, 8192.

Sui Global is an aggregator and media on Sui with quests on Crew3. By completing these quests, we immediately interact with a bunch of projects and get all sorts of plushies there.

This is a small part of what is available in the Ecosystem. What activities do you do and what do you recommend to emphasize?