Sui Gnomes 🍄 Just your typical Gnome NFT collection


In a subterranean world, far away from the twisted and muddled modern cities, live peculiar and magical creatures that called themselves the “SUI Gnomes”… although their existence has never been recorded properly, legends say that these fascinating folks are one of the very few early settler of the SUI world.

Our NFT art collection is 100% original. They are carefully handcrafted to capture each gnome’s characteristic, lifestyle, and the roles they play within the community. What can we say? they’re just a bunch of lovely little creatures that are highly affectionate, resourceful and unique in their own way! (I shouldn’t even need to say this, but all those garden gnomes look nothing like the real ones - come on guys.)

Core Team
We are a team of four (4) creators from Thailand who are passionate about Gnomes and the SUI ecosystem. We want to be a part of it, we want to contribute to the community, and we are here to STAY. With your support, we truly believe that SUI and our Gnomes NFT collection can be a success, and we promise to put our hard work into the project to make it even more remarkable and sustainable.

Cudo - Founder
Sneaxer - Community manager
Bella - Marketing
Luois - Artist


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