Sui Gallery the first NFT marketplace on Sui


The first NFT marketplace on Sui for the next billion users!
I liked the site has a similarity of colors with SUI, which emphasizes it as a SUI project!

The project is at an early stage of development, but we can see what awaits us, namely the NFT launchpad, and it will also be possible to create an NFT

Twitter has over 25k followers which is great!

Follow the news and wait with the official testnet!


Nice project, NFT futyre and NFT marketplace,very interesting


Really a very cool project

Increased liquidity of digital assets, allowing users access to more capital and opportunities.

Transparency and trust, as each asset is stored on the blockchain and its ownership is permanently recorded.

would like to try soon

I liked the interface of the platform. Looks very nice

Multifunctional platform for working with NFTs. Very comfortably

Easy and fast access to digital assets. I love this platform.

The platform contains all the functions for working with NFTs: NFT creation, marketplace, launchpad, etc. I will follow the project

Excellent platform for creating NFTs and collections. I am actively following the project.